Now Even Stronger

Version 2.31 adds a highly requested feature and improves compatibility.

NEW: Display your average rating with the [testimonial_average_rating] shortcode. Finally!

NEW: Use the Load Event option to potentially fix problems with sliders and Masonry in complex themes.

NEW: Use the Lazy Loading option to potentially fix problems with testimonial images being cut off.

IMPROVED: The star ratings now use an empty star instead of a gray full star. This is the more popular approach.

IMPROVED: Minor style tweaks in both admin and some templates for small screens.

Point Releases

Security fixes, bug fixes and improved compatibility. Read changelog on

  • Version 2.31.1
  • Version 2.31.2
  • Version 2.31.3
  • Version 2.31.4
  • Version 2.31.5
  • Version 2.31.6
  • Version 2.31.7
  • Version 2.31.8
  • Version 2.31.9

Version 2.30 adds highly requested features, improves compatibility and fixes bugs.

NEW: Option to select the font color in views. Finally!

NEW: Option to add a CSS class to the image for lightboxes.

NEW: Certain shortcode attributes will override view settings. This allows views to serve as reusable patterns.

NEW: Using the WordPress email validation function for increased security.

NEW: Using the WordPress number format function in the [testimonial_count] shortcode so the thousands separator will be properly localized.

IMPROVED: Templates were completely reorganized to consolidate options and prepare for future features.

IMPROVED: Simplified slideshow CSS will make adding custom CSS simpler.

NEW: Option to disable touch swipe navigation to improve slideshow behavior on mobile devices.

FIXED: An intermittent bug in the slideshow in Chrome.

Point Releases

Bug fixes and improved compatibility. Read changelog on

  • Version 2.30.1
  • Version 2.30.2
  • Version 2.30.3
  • Version 2.30.4
  • Version 2.30.5
  • Version 2.30.6
  • Version 2.30.7
  • Version 2.30.8
  • Version 2.30.9

Version 2.29 improves Captcha options and fixes two bugs.

NEW: Integration with Google Captcha by BestWebSoft. This allows use of either Invisible reCaptcha and reCatpcha V2, both excellent choices for modern spam warfare.

REMOVED: Integration with the plugin Captcha due to security issues.

REMOVED: Integration with the plugin Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha due to compatibility issues and inadequate maintenance.

FIXED: The notification email now displays a category name properly.

IMPROVED: The notification settings UI was improved to make it easier to add your custom fields to the notification email.

NEW: A new filter on the "Read more" page for total control over that link.

FIXED: A conflict with Cherry Slider that made the slideshow invisible.

Version 2.28 improves compatibility and adds some new features.

NEW: Compatibility settings for sites that use Ajax page loading via theme or plugin.

NEW: Views using simple pagination now provide a subtle transition effect.

NEW: Standard pagination options including Previous/Next links and condensed navigation.

IMPROVED: A JavaScript controller to coordinate multiple components like slideshows and paginated views.

IMPROVED: The slider and pager scripts were refactored to improve performance. Clear your caches!

FIXED: Bug where standard pagination failed to include a trailing slash.

FIXED: Capabilities check in multisite.

IMPROVED: Many functions were refactored into classes to improve performance and future development.